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Thank you for visiting my website for music. Stone Soup Jazz is the name of my band when I’m playing with team that hasn’t thought of a name for the band.

I’ve been bassist on more than one performance where a reporter or “fan-to-be” asks the apparent leader of the group, “What’s the name of your group?” The situation arises because I am an on-call musician who plays with several other musical groups of performers, and people are so pleased they want to know who we are!

The name of my group, Stone Soup Jazz Band, comes from a thought about a folk tale titled “Stone Soup.” The moral of the story, according to Charlie (that’s “me”) is:

It’s not what you take from the party, it’s what you bring to the party. Everyone’s invited! We just provide the stones and the heat to make the soup everyone enjoyed!

Contact me if you’d like to audition or book a band.

charliechannel-businesscard Peace,