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The Muse

There is a duality in life.  The truth is simple:  “To be or not to be.”  That is not the question:  It is the ultimate answer.

The spiritual and the material binomial is the manifestation of living.  One is not obvious, buy as it is immaterial (without substance), cialis yet it exists.  It is the insemination of materialization.  The materialization of the muse is musical.  Thus, for amusement — one of the better experiences of life — music exists.  Obviously, there are other states of existence that one experiences emotionally. So, to be able to enjoy music is a gift to not be ignored or taken lightly.

I find not only pleasure in producing music, but moral ecstasy knowing that in being a musician, I am privileged to love and spread love in all that I do.  Thus, music is my gift to you!

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